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Wedding Gown Wednesday?

Who am I kidding.

It’s Thursday.

You don’t mind right?

Whew!  I knew you wouldn’t.  I’m so happy we’re friends.

The gown that I’m bringing to you today is designed by the wonderful Jenny Packham.

If you don’t like Jenny Packham then you don’t like Princess Kate’s style

And if you don’t like Princess Kate’s style, you should excuse yourself right now.

You are a horrible person.

Sorry for the outburst.

I will now bring you the gown that Jenny has lovingly named Ormlie.

Such a soft Bohemian feel with a bodice that brings both a vintage AND contemporary look that only Jenny Packham can design.

Let’s take  a closer look at that bodice, shall we?


To see Ormlie and other beautiful wedding gowns designed by Jenny Packham click here.

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Wedding Gown Wednesday

Welcome, new readers, to the greatest blog you will ever accidentally come across!

Man, if I new that talking about my cellulite would be so popular I would start talking about it more.

I hope you come by often.

You’re always welcome.

So here we are, another Wedding Gown Wednesday.

Let’s see what I have in the arsenal…


Meet Isadora by Johanna Johnson, a gorgeous raw silk bodice with jewel encrusted belt and full tulle skirt with a pearl sheen.

Simple and elegant with just a touch of  “look at me, I’m awesome”.

I love Johanna Johnson.

This designer is talented and groundbreaking, everything you could want in fashion.

She has styled stars like Christina Hendricks

va va va voom

which shows me that she’s not just a one trick pony that can only design for size 0 waifs.  She knows how to flatter all figures.

Want to see more of her styles?

Check out her website here.

Here is some super important news about her current styles.  If you are wanting to purchase any of them, do it before October 1, 2012 because she is discontinuing them to get ready to launch her new collection.  They are at discounted prices and in limited quantities so HURRY!!!

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Wedding Gown Wednesday

My favorite day of the week! (in the blogosphere)

I bet you can’t guess what todays dress has.

Well, I bet you can.

That’s right Ladies and Gentlemen, a peplum!

This gown is designed by Haley Paige, a line by Jim Hjelm.

It is a satin fit-to-flare with a satin bow at the natural waistline and a removable laser-cut lace peplum.

If you don’t know what laser-cut is, it is exactly what is sounds like.  A laser is used to cut the fabric instead of scissors and whats so cool about it is that the laser finishes the edges while it cuts so it makes a super thin and wispy lace.

I LOOOOVE anything laser-cut.

Do you know what I also love?

Trader Joe’s Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Pretzels.

but that’s beside the point.

I also love wedding gowns that are little chameleons.  That are are twofers, for lack of a better term.  I like it when the gown has something that you can add or take away like a belt or a removable train.  I like it because you can change up your dress for different photos, the reception or the actual ceremony itself.

A few seasons ago, one of my very favorite gowns in one of my shops (gowns are like children.  I can’t have one favorite.) was the Fairy by Enzoani (stupid name, great gown).

Would you know that this gown has four distinct pieces that can be removed and added to create like, 15 different looks?

It’s true you can remove the caplet, the detachable train, the belt and the tulle/petal overlay to reveal a simple trumpet cut, lace wedding gown.

oh, the possibilities!

Anyway, if you want to look at the Hayley Paige gown and more from her collection click here.

To look at the Fairy from Enzoani go to here.

And most important of all, if you would like to check out those ridiculous pretzels click here.

They are ruining my life.  Or are they making it better?

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Wedding Dress Wednesday

Today I’m bringing you a designer who actually doesn’t design bridal gowns.

He is more of a butt kicking, in your face formal wear designer.

His name is Naeem Khan, an Indian born designer that I would like to introduce you to.  His style is unreal and this is one of my favorite “wedding” gowns.

First off, I want to apologize for the lack of good images.  I wish you could really see how awesome this gown is!!

This gown blew my mind!

It’s part of his 2012 PreFall Collection and it’s super luxurious.

I see this gown at an estate wedding, the bride looks beautiful with large pearl stud earrings and her hair in a simple and sleek low bun.

You can pre order this gown at good ol’ Neiman Marcus and remember friends, you get what you pay for and you are getting incredible beading and luxurious fabric with this one.

Do yourself a favor and check out this designer’s website here.

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Wedding Gown Wednesday

I know we all love texture.

About five years ago I was at a show for a designer at Market and I remember seeing a gown with out of this world texture (or what I thought was “out of this world” at the time).


That was all I could think.  I had fallen hard for this whole texture thing.

Fast forward five years.

Texture is everywhere.  Every designer has at least one textured piece in each collection and they know that it will sell well.  It’s kinda easy to design a textured gown now.  Just bunch up some fabric, put it on a skirt, sew the skirt onto a ruched bodice and call it good.

I’ve grown to appreciate real, thought out, beautifully executed texture.

So I turn to Oscar de la Renta.

This gown is really almost a crocheted lace.  It is soft, buy also offers a punch in the face when it comes down the aisle.  A good punch.  Not a Katy Perry punching Prince Charming in her new “Wide Awake” video kind of punch.

Take that Russell Brand!  I actually kind of liked this music video…

Maybe more like a refreshing slap in the face when you’re tired.

The gown is a trumpet cut, which means it’s a fit and flare where the flare starts at the hip and not the knee.  This fit is much more forgiving than a mermaid cut and can look good on most figures.

If you want to see this gown and more by Oscar de la Renta click here.  Oh and while you’re there, check out their new 2013 line.  Pretty edgy… and when I say edgy I mean Pioneer-y.

What are you thoughts?

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This is a Wedding, Not a Funeral!

I have heard this statement spoken to me by countless Brides and MOBs.

Why do they say this, you ask?

Well, it’s when we are talking about colors that the Bridal Party should wear and I suggest black.

They normally give me some sort of version of this face


I know that as little girls we grew up thinking we were going to wear a bright white, sparkly ball gown for a dress and our Bridesmaids would either wear lavender or burgundy.  You may have noticed while planning your wedding, that it doesn’t normally end up the way you dreamed it would when you were 8.

You grow up.

Your taste becomes more refined.

You choose an Ivory silk shantung mermaid dress instead of the big white sparkly ball gown.

Maybe you don’t get married in Cinderella’s Castle, but at a Four Seasons.

You don’t dance with your father to “Butterfly Kisses” but to an instrumental version of “The Way You Look Tonight”.

And hey, to any of you Brides that chose to do any of the above things, kudos to you!  You are committed to your fantasy of your wedding as a young child and I think that should be celebrated, but let’s also remember to keep an open mind.

Why black?

First off, it makes your wedding more formal.  If the men are wearing a classic Tux (and I’m talking James Bond, Black Bow Tie classic.  Not colored cummerbund, The Wedding Singer classic) why not stream line the party with all black.

I loved how a few years back the style for men in weddings turned to simple suits in grays and browns, but I do have to admit that I’m craving the good old Black Tux. I mean, COME ON! LOOK AT THIS!

Secondly, everyone looks good in black.  Believe me, your Maids will thank you.  Oh and so will the Mothers!

Third, it will make you, the Bride, stand out in your Ivory, White or Blush colored dress.

Fourth, your flowers will POP!

Fifth, you will never look back on the color you chose for your Bridesmaids and think “What the Hell…”.

Do I need to go on?

I will if you want me to.

Look, do I think that everyone should chose black for their line?  No.

Do I think when Brides choose other colors that it’s tacky?  Of course not!  I’m a Bridesmaid in a wedding this summer and I get to wear beautiful nude colored dress that I’m super psyched about and that will look beautiful with all of their colors.

I just don’t think you should rule black out.

It’s stunning, sophisticated and lovely.

And yes, I did black for my wedding.  It doesn’t mean I’m biased.

Well, maybe just a little…

Here are some examples and I want you to notice that most of these Brides let their Bridesmaids choose (with the Bride having the final say, of course) her own style.  Black is the perfect color to do this with because it will not look over the top.  Also, black is black.  No funky shades to worry about.

Cute POP of color

See how the Bride stands out? Get it Guuurl!

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Wedding Dress Wednesday

Is it Wednesday already?

This is a busy week for me and I need to get a lot done and I feel it slowly slipping away…

Anyway, enough about me, let’s talk about this incredible wedding dress.

I know all of you classic Cinderella fairy tale brides are quickly shielding your burning eyes, but I’m in love with this gown!

You have to understand, I’m around wedding gowns all day long.  I see enough tulle and crinoline to last me five lifetimes and I’ll be honest, I feel like some designers will just design a huge ball gown, put some tulle over it, throw in some sparkle and call it good.  There are always a few of these in every collection just so that they can meet the required 12 dress minimum and they know that some brides will buy anything big, poofy and sparkly.

It’s lazy and I hate it.

I appreciate when designers think outside the box and really try to do something different and beautiful.  It takes a lot of fashion forecasts study and a ton of trial and error in the drawing room, but when it is done, it is a work of art.  As a designer myself, it is when I do these things that I feel fulfilled and I’m most proud of my gowns.

Anywho, this stunning gown is from a French designer who’s line is called Cymbeline.  This gown is made for a more mature bride or a bride who enjoys that casual chic look, like Madewell  or J.Crew (I know, I reference these stores a ton ,but can you tell what my favorite stores are?)   I see this gown in a city wedding or out on a ranch with some vintage cowboy boots on.

I can’t get over this dress.

Check out Cymbeline Paris’ website for more styles.

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I would like to know the thought process behind this Editorial Shot.

Women are usually clueless about what they should wear to go try on wedding gowns.


Not the cute outfit they want to wear to go shop to shop in, but what they should wear underneath that will help the gowns (and you) look their best.

Let me introduce you to your best friend

God's gift to Women

I wish I had a dollar for every Bride that told me “oh, I’m like a size 2. I don’t need Spanx”.

Ya know what ladies, I don’t care if you’re a size 2 or a size 22, you need some sort of body slimmer. Especially if you are wearing a sleek, sexy sheath, mermaid or trumpet cut. It will smooth everything out and the fabric will sit well on your body. And yes, designer gowns are made with boning, cups and corsets inside, but most brides want to look smaller and Spanx will make you smaller.

If you don’t want to spend $100 on Spanx at Nordstrom you can get Assets at Target. Assets are actually made by Spanx so they are just as good, they are just $80 cheaper.

Who doesn’t like a deal when they can get one?

Secondly, you need a good bra.

Don’t wear this one.

I only put this on because I thought it was pretty. Leave this for the wedding night.

You are looking for function right now.

Wear your best strapless bra. Victoria’s Secret’s Body by Victoria strapless is my favorite, but whatever you have should work for now.

And hey, don’t be ashamed of a little false advertising. If you need a little lift or padding, go for it! You want to look your best.

Just please, leave this at home

You think I’m kidding?

I see more leopard bras than I would like to admit. Stick to white or flesh toned, even for just trying on gowns.

I’m going to leave you with this last bit of advice

Take a shower.

You will be doing me and yourself a favor.

But mostly me.


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