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This Little Piggy Went To Market

Chicago Market.

Probably my favorite.

Dallas Market is too hot.

I felt dirty when I used to have to go to Vegas Market.

New York Market is too Hoity Toity.

But Chicago Market is juuuuuuuust right.

It also helps that I love the trades building that it’s held in. They have this killer Kitchen and Bath showroom on the ground floor that is called Luxe. It makes me wonder why I’m a buyer in the Bridal Industry and not in the Home Industry…

The weather is always perfect during the end of September and the leaves are ridiculous, but I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Here I am at the airport standing in line to check in

I had an early flight the morning I left.  My alarm was set for 3:30.  I almost fell asleep standing in line to check in, but I didn’t.  I was strong.  But no matter what time of day I am flying, I am always comfortable (as shown in the photo above by my chucks).  Ladies, there is always time to go to the hotel room and change once you get there.  I hate having to see a woman in her pencil skirt and prosties (that’s what I call way too tall of a platform heels.  It looks like she should be  a prostitute) awkwardly running down the terminal trying to catch her flight.

Once I got through security I grabbed the newest Bridal Magazines, a Vanilla Rooibos Tea Latte, a Kind Bar and settle in for a relaxing flight.

Once we got to Chicago, we spent the rest of the day discussing our game plan and catching up on a little bit of shopping for our own closets along Michigan Ave.

You have had my heart ever since I shopped you in London TopShop and you always will.

I have often been asked if I love shopping and I can honestly tell you no.  I don’t.  Does a painter like to come home and paint his house?  No, he doesn’t.  Look, I don’t hate it, but it’s my job to shop.  It’s the same reason why I don’t like watching Say Yes To The Dress.  I do appreciate a good store, good clothes and a good experience though.

The next day, it was go time!

It was pretty much just a whirlwind of fashion shows, meeting designers, collaborating, buying, wanting to give models sandwiches and more fashion shows.

Oh, and I will never forget saying “whats up” to David Tutera.  I didn’t have the camera on my phone all queued up to get a photo, but I will tell you this:

That man wears more makeup than I do.

At the end of the trip I was tired.

I still am.

But I’m excited!

There are so many new and incredible designers that I was able to meet and line to pick up!

Here are the rest of the photos I was able to snap while I was there.

Getting ready for the debut of Maggie Sottero and Sottero and Midgley’s new Spring 2013 line.

One of the many Fashion Shows

I’m not lying when I say this was one of my favorite headpieces.

This is what I got to see every night when I left Market. I’m not a good photographer, so you know this had to be amazing!

Mori Lee’s in house DJ getting down with his bad self for the fashion show. He was actually really good!

This is Jose. He is Justin Alexander’s designer and one of the nicest guys I know. Some of the best designers are men. And this may or may not be me…

I love you Chicago!  Never change!

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Wedding Gown Wednesday


I’m tired.

But I’m excited.

This year’s Chicago Bridal Market turned out to be one of the best Markets that I have attended.  There are some really great new designers that we picked up and that I am so excited to introduce to you.

And for those of you that follow my twitter, it was nice bringing you along with me.

The only downer?  The prom and special occasion gowns

My son’s curfew would be 7:00 that night

I wish that I was kidding about this one.

Anyway, I will talk more about Market on friday.

So, back to Wedding Gown Wednesday.

Tonight’s gown comes from Selia Yang


It can be really hard for a designer to design a fully textured gown without it coming off obnoxious, but Selia Yang really pulled this one off.  It doesn’t take away from her shape and it doesn’t scream that the Bride is trying too hard.  It is just a Couture style that everyone can appreciate.

Note of caution:

If you wear a gown with a lot of texture, make sure that your hair, makeup and accessories are simple.  There is nothing worse than a Bride who got too much going on.

It’s distracting.

My point exactly.

If you would like to see more of Selia Yang’s designs, click here.

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Don’t Act Like You Don’t Have It!

We all do.

I don’t care how hot you are.

You have cellulite.

I have dressed many a model, many a size zero and they have it too.

See!? Even VS Models have it and it is their JOB to be hot. Quit getting down on yourselves people!

Oh, don’t worry, I do too!

I’m not ashamed.

When I’m in a bathing suit, I look down at it, shrug my shoulders and then go on with my day.

Remember this post?  (If you don’t, you probably should read it before you read this review.  No one likes an uninformed person.)

Well friends, it’s time to dish.

Here is the version of the iPant that I tried and the style I recommend to my Brides.  I like the ones that go under the bra because there is nothing cute about have a huge fat patch on your stomach where the slimmer ends.

Catch my drift? And no, this is not me.

Anywho, the 28 days are over and am I thinner with less cellulite?

YES!!!!  YES, I am!!

Now wait, before you call

Let’s talk about why this could have happened.  I will make a list:

1.  Have you ever worn a brace or had a bandaid on really tight for a long time, taken it off and there is a big indent in the spot where is was?  The skin is tighter and that spot really is smaller, but give it a day and it goes right back to normal.  Body slimmers could be a glorified version of that and the more you wear them, the bigger the indent and the longer it stays.

Look, I’m also an Esthetician and I have done slimming body wraps on people that do this exact same thing.  I’m not saying it’s a bad thing.  I’m just saying that is is short term solution.

2.  Maybe all of the vitamins and cool stuff in the fabric really work.  It never hurts to pump that stuff in your body

and the main reason why I think I’ve lost weight and cellulite


I know, I know.  I can hear the eyes rolling from some of you.

For a few different reasons I decided to change my lifestyle back in July to eating a vegan diet and through this, I have lost weight.  Don’t worry, I won’t go into all the details with you, but I just wanted to give you this variable so that you know that I am not cheating you on this review.

Anyway, so it’s a little hard to say what came from the iPant and what came from the new lifestyle, but I will tell you what I LOVED about the iPant.

(I like lists.)

1.  The material is FAB!  It’s soft and comfortable which can be a really hard find when it comes to body slimmers.  It’s perfect for Brides with those looooooonnngggg wedding days.

2.  The laser cut edge.

See how there really isn’t a waistband and there isn’t a band where it ends on the thighs?  That means the fabric won’t dig into your skin and make big fat patches (pretty!) like other slimmers will.

3.  It slimmed really well and looked perfect under my clothes.  I felt held in and tight, but comfortable (figure that out!).

All in all here is what I think.

I think that it is a great body slimmer to wear under your clothes.  Do I think the cellulite thing works?  I honestly don’t know, but if I had a choice between a slimmer that could possibly help diminish cellulite and one that didn’t, I go with the one that could.

Just Sayin’.

You can get the Wacoal iPant and other products at Macy’s and Nordstrom.

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It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is Fall!

Not only is the Earth at it’s most beautiful and the funnest Holiday is upon us

I want to be Rosie the Riveter for Halloween.  I’m not into skanky costumes.  Yes, I am too good for those.

but it’s the big Market Season!

You may have notice all of the hubbub going on in New York for the past few days.  It’s called Fashion Week.  It’s when the hottest designers premier their new lines for Spring of the next year.

For Buyers, this is Christmas!  (or Hanukah or Kwanza or whatever floats your boat)

This is the perk of our job.

We get to dress up, rub shoulders with top Designers and buy, buy, buy.

My Fashion Week start the last week of September.

I will be at the Chicago Bridal Market gobbling up all of the new trends in Bridal for 2013.

Seriously, best part of my job.

Did I mention my other favorite part of Fall?

The Brides.

I don’t know what it is.

The Brides that get married in the fall are always a little more low key and a little more stylish.  I love the rich colors that go into planning a fall wedding.  I love the crisp air that make the wedding festivities even more luxurious.

I just love it.

So let’s welcome Fall together and celebrate the incredible weddings that we are about to experience this season.

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Don’t Hate The Player, Hate The Game

I deal with this on a daily basis.

I know how your conversations go.

MY friends have even said this to me!

“I have the best idea! After we get out of this tub (?) let’s pretend we are getting married and go try on wedding dress!”

Just typing that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!

I know it sounds fun, and I know that you think you have this really awesome fake CZ diamond ring that looks “totally real” and you have come up with this great story about how you are “getting married next year and just want to try on a few styles”.

I promise I am not a mean girl.  I’m actually really nice.  I know who you are when you call and make your appointment and I just sigh and put your name in the calendar.  I don’t tell you no and I don’t call you out.

I’m writing this to you to let you know that we know and honestly, you’re waisting our money and time.

It’s the chick in the back. She’s smiling WAAAAY too big.

Your story is great in the beginning and then the cracks start to show.  You all start to giggle in that “certain” way.  Your story starts to fall apart.  One of your friends can’t stand it and SHE wants to try on a dress.  And by the end, YOU know that we know and you leave giving me that sheepish grin.

Earlier this year, I had a girl send me a Thank You card apologizing for lying to me and that she will send all of her friends to me because even though she was “just playing”, I gave her the best service she has ever had (that’s how I make you feel guilty.  This isn’t my first rodeo).

I know what you’re thinking “well, if we like you and we have a good experience than we will come back when we REALLY get married”.


Look, your cheapening your real experience.  When you really are engaged you’ll know what to expect.

Remember the first time you kissed someone you really really really like, or do I dare say, loved?

You had butterflies!  It was exciting!  It was new and you knew that even though every other kiss you shared with that person would be incredible, it wouldn’t be as special as that first time.

Don’t waste your first time.

Go do something cool instead like

Lay in the road?

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Wedding Gown Wednesday

Today I am bringing you a cute little destination gown.

I see this gown on a boat or out in a field or on the roof of a loft in NYC.

Let’s be honest, I see this on myself at an awesome party in The Hamptons.


Let’s be honest.  I would look more like Liz Lemon in The Hamptons then Blair Waldorf.

So here is the dress, brought to you by none other than Ruche.


It takes me back to the fashions of the 60’s and the china blue?  Uhhh the china blue!!!!

Be still my beating heart!


What do you think?


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Calling A Certain Bride

Are you out there?

You know who you are.

You are natural, elegant and don’t want to look like you just walked off the top of a wedding cake.

I love you.

I love your style and I want you have this

This will look beautiful at your outdoor wedding.

Your soft Bohemian gown will love the fact that you know how to accessorize with it.

Your guest will swoon.

The love of your life’s eyes will be zeroed in on your beautiful face.

And your photographer will bless you.

If you are this Bride and you buy this headpiece from Ruche PLEASE send me a photo!

Not only would I love to feature you on my blog, I would love to be your friend (that sounded a little creepy, don’t be scared).

What are your thoughts on this headpiece?

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Let’s See What You Got iPant

Remember how I told you in this post that I had a fun little something that I wanted to introduce to you?

Well, here it is.


Ok, so here’s what they are selling.  This is taken straight from their website:


Wacoal’s iPant offers superior comfort and smoothing along with amazing cosmetic benefits.

The iPant is constructed of Novarel Slim® nylon microfibers with embedded microcapsules containing caffeine to promote fat destruction; vitamin E to prevent the effects of aging;ceramides to restore and maintain the skin’s smoothness; and retinol and aloe vera to moisturize and increase the firmness of the skin. 

The iPant with LYCRA® beauty fabric shapes and sculpts as it releases ingredients into your skin while you move throughout the day.


It is recommended to wear the iPant 8 hours a day, 7 days a week for 28 days.

Novarel Slim® test results show most women reported improved appearance, a reduction in thigh measurement and that their clothes felt less tight.

Active ingredients are still present after 100 washes.Too good to be true?  Huge scam?

So… are you buying?

Here’s the deal, I will try this for you and will let you know how it goes.  Starting tonight, I will be wearing the iPant for 8 hours for the next 28 days (if I’m not experiencing a day at the pool or anything.  That could be awkward) and will let you know if the cottage cheese on my thighs get any better.

Oh, the things I do for my readers.

This kinda grossed me out, but I couldn’t resist.

I’ll be honest, up front and forthright.

I mean, if this thing works I will be shouting it from the rooftops!!

Wish me luck!

Oh, and there will be no before and after photos.

Don’t give me that attitude!

Are you saying that you would put your dimply thighs on the internet for everyone to see?

That’s what I thought.

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Wedding Gown Wednesday

No, I didn’t die.

I just went out of town twice in the last two weeks, so writing was put on the back burner.

I’m so sorry that I neglected you!

I was hoping that I would earn your forgiveness by showing you this amazing gown.


I knew this would do the trick.

Isn’t this amazing!!

This is from a designer named Rami Kadi.  He is very hard to find and his boutique is located in Beirut (really Rami?  Show us American Girls some love, please!)

He doesn’t have a website nor can I find any other stores that carry him.

Why do I always want what I can’t have.

I had to include this shot of the bodice.

Look at that beading and the blush and mint touches of color make this one of the most stunning gowns I have ever seen.

Rami, if you ever read this please contact me.  I would give my right arm to carry your styles.  I am going to the Chicago Bridal Market and I will pay for your ticket to come and show your gowns there.  I might even take you out to dinner.

Think about it.

I’ll just be here… waiting…



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Something Blue

I promise I will talk about Inside Edition and show pictures next week, so hold on to your big girl pants.  They’re coming.

But, speaking of big girl pants…

Actually, no.

I would not classify these as anything but beautiful AND practical lingerie (this combination is hard to find).

I was invited to a launching of this next seasons intimates and body shapers by Wacoal.

They also had their other line b.tempt’d, which is honestly to die for!

Why do I bring this up, you ask?

I am asked by about 98% of my Brides what they should do for their “Something Blue”.  I used to say blue shoes, but I’ve been feeling like colored shoes are a little played out.

So, here is my answer and I don’t think it will ever change.

Blue in your lingerie.

There is nothing more elegant than a Bride in white or ivory lingerie and when you add a touch of blue, it is just perfect.

These are just a couple of new styles that I was able to see and they were PERFECT!  The small blue organza bow is super feminine and I love the fact that you are the only one that knows where the blue is… until later that night.

You can see these styles on their website by clicking here.  The styles that I showed you are called Ciao Bella and they come in more colors if you just want to pick these little treasures up for another special occasion.

Oh, and make sure to check out their b.tempt’d collection.

It was my fav!

And stay tuned for more awesome stuff by Wacoal.  They have a little something that I’m psyched about and excited to introduce to you!

Have a fun weekend!

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