The Emmys Wrap Up

Can I tell you what my favorite part of watching any award show is?

Seeing how far my Husband has come, ya know, in a fashion sense.

As we were watching the riveting interviews that were being conducted (oh and let’s not forget the Mani Cam, which showed great creativity from E News.)

Really E News?

My husband would turn to me when a new dress would be featured and say things like “I think that looks like a prom dress” or “what do you think about that one?” or “her skin is way too fair to be wearing makeup like that”.

Now before you start thinking “Hey Brides’ Maid, are you sure your husband’s straight?” let me tell you, my husband is a College Rugby playin’, beard sportin’, Fantasy Footballin’ Man’s Man and I’m sure he’s happy that this blog anonymous.  I was like a proud mama yesterday listening to my husband critique the gowns on the red carpet.

The real reason why I watch the Red Carpet coverage is to study up on what all of you will be seeing and what you will be wanting in the gowns you will buy this next year.  One of my favorite parts of my job.

So, here are the favorites:

I will first show you my husband’s favorite

Told you I was proud!

The thing that I love about Ginnifer Goodwin is that she knows what she loves and she sticks with it.  She seems to go for that sort of retro 50’s look and it’s perfect on her.

My favorites are as follows:


THIS GOWN IS AMAZING!!!!  The color, the cut, THE JEWELRY!  Leslie Mann’s stylist needs an Emmy.  This style was beautiful!  It had a great mix of modern and vintage elements.

Julianna Margulies’s dress was my second favorite.  There are no words for it.  She was like a walking painting.  The good kind.  Not the kind that some people call “modern” and expect us to be all excited about something I could have done.

Let’s talk about what the worst styling:


I appreciate this gown.  The structure of it is beautiful and it is very Haute  Couture, but this gown and the makeup is on THE WRONG person!  January Jones is way too fair (yes, this is what my husband and I were talking about) to be wearing this harsh of a look.


THIS is the look that works for her.  Light and soft, but with a little edge.  Her stylist should be fired.

The biggest offender?



I love Christina Hendricks, but she just looked uncomfortable.  And I am so not a fan of the inside side boob look.  It’s just weird.  Less is more, my friends, less is more.

What were your favorites?

I need to know.

It’s my job.





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