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Wedding Gown Wednesday

I’m kind of having to rush this post because I’m trying to get my shiz together to go to Chicago Market.

Yes, that is this weekend.

My dress this Wednesday is kind of an oldie, oh but it’s a goodie.

This is Justin Alexander’s style #9668

When I went to Market two years ago and saw this gown, I fell in love and we are are still going strong.

The bead encrusted shoulders, the simple band at the waist, the silk and the open back rocked my world

What else rocked my world?

The fact that Brides were afraid of this gown.  They would try it on and talk about how awesome it was and how they loved it and then would go back to their cookie cutter strapless ball gown.

I love Brides that are willing to take a risk and the Brides that bought this gown, were my kind of Brides.

To check out this gown click here.

Oh and speaking of Market, I’m going to be tweeting and taking a ton of photos!  If you’re not following me on Twitter yet, oh you should be.  Especially this weekend.

Follow me @yourbridesmaid

Brides’ Maid out!

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The Emmys Wrap Up

Can I tell you what my favorite part of watching any award show is?

Seeing how far my Husband has come, ya know, in a fashion sense.

As we were watching the riveting interviews that were being conducted (oh and let’s not forget the Mani Cam, which showed great creativity from E News.)

Really E News?

My husband would turn to me when a new dress would be featured and say things like “I think that looks like a prom dress” or “what do you think about that one?” or “her skin is way too fair to be wearing makeup like that”.

Now before you start thinking “Hey Brides’ Maid, are you sure your husband’s straight?” let me tell you, my husband is a College Rugby playin’, beard sportin’, Fantasy Footballin’ Man’s Man and I’m sure he’s happy that this blog anonymous.  I was like a proud mama yesterday listening to my husband critique the gowns on the red carpet.

The real reason why I watch the Red Carpet coverage is to study up on what all of you will be seeing and what you will be wanting in the gowns you will buy this next year.  One of my favorite parts of my job.

So, here are the favorites:

I will first show you my husband’s favorite

Told you I was proud!

The thing that I love about Ginnifer Goodwin is that she knows what she loves and she sticks with it.  She seems to go for that sort of retro 50’s look and it’s perfect on her.

My favorites are as follows:


THIS GOWN IS AMAZING!!!!  The color, the cut, THE JEWELRY!  Leslie Mann’s stylist needs an Emmy.  This style was beautiful!  It had a great mix of modern and vintage elements.

Julianna Margulies’s dress was my second favorite.  There are no words for it.  She was like a walking painting.  The good kind.  Not the kind that some people call “modern” and expect us to be all excited about something I could have done.

Let’s talk about what the worst styling:


I appreciate this gown.  The structure of it is beautiful and it is very Haute  Couture, but this gown and the makeup is on THE WRONG person!  January Jones is way too fair (yes, this is what my husband and I were talking about) to be wearing this harsh of a look.


THIS is the look that works for her.  Light and soft, but with a little edge.  Her stylist should be fired.

The biggest offender?



I love Christina Hendricks, but she just looked uncomfortable.  And I am so not a fan of the inside side boob look.  It’s just weird.  Less is more, my friends, less is more.

What were your favorites?

I need to know.

It’s my job.





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So… Did You See It?

Last week?

Did you see us on Inside Edition?

Do you remember this post?  (What is this, an Interrogation?)

Well, here is the TV segment.

Remember Brides, if it’s too good to be true it usually is.

Have a good weekend!

Click here to see Inside Edition video.

Wedding Gown Wednesday

Welcome, new readers, to the greatest blog you will ever accidentally come across!

Man, if I new that talking about my cellulite would be so popular I would start talking about it more.

I hope you come by often.

You’re always welcome.

So here we are, another Wedding Gown Wednesday.

Let’s see what I have in the arsenal…


Meet Isadora by Johanna Johnson, a gorgeous raw silk bodice with jewel encrusted belt and full tulle skirt with a pearl sheen.

Simple and elegant with just a touch of  “look at me, I’m awesome”.

I love Johanna Johnson.

This designer is talented and groundbreaking, everything you could want in fashion.

She has styled stars like Christina Hendricks

va va va voom

which shows me that she’s not just a one trick pony that can only design for size 0 waifs.  She knows how to flatter all figures.

Want to see more of her styles?

Check out her website here.

Here is some super important news about her current styles.  If you are wanting to purchase any of them, do it before October 1, 2012 because she is discontinuing them to get ready to launch her new collection.  They are at discounted prices and in limited quantities so HURRY!!!

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Don’t Act Like You Don’t Have It!

We all do.

I don’t care how hot you are.

You have cellulite.

I have dressed many a model, many a size zero and they have it too.

See!? Even VS Models have it and it is their JOB to be hot. Quit getting down on yourselves people!

Oh, don’t worry, I do too!

I’m not ashamed.

When I’m in a bathing suit, I look down at it, shrug my shoulders and then go on with my day.

Remember this post?  (If you don’t, you probably should read it before you read this review.  No one likes an uninformed person.)

Well friends, it’s time to dish.

Here is the version of the iPant that I tried and the style I recommend to my Brides.  I like the ones that go under the bra because there is nothing cute about have a huge fat patch on your stomach where the slimmer ends.

Catch my drift? And no, this is not me.

Anywho, the 28 days are over and am I thinner with less cellulite?

YES!!!!  YES, I am!!

Now wait, before you call

Let’s talk about why this could have happened.  I will make a list:

1.  Have you ever worn a brace or had a bandaid on really tight for a long time, taken it off and there is a big indent in the spot where is was?  The skin is tighter and that spot really is smaller, but give it a day and it goes right back to normal.  Body slimmers could be a glorified version of that and the more you wear them, the bigger the indent and the longer it stays.

Look, I’m also an Esthetician and I have done slimming body wraps on people that do this exact same thing.  I’m not saying it’s a bad thing.  I’m just saying that is is short term solution.

2.  Maybe all of the vitamins and cool stuff in the fabric really work.  It never hurts to pump that stuff in your body

and the main reason why I think I’ve lost weight and cellulite


I know, I know.  I can hear the eyes rolling from some of you.

For a few different reasons I decided to change my lifestyle back in July to eating a vegan diet and through this, I have lost weight.  Don’t worry, I won’t go into all the details with you, but I just wanted to give you this variable so that you know that I am not cheating you on this review.

Anyway, so it’s a little hard to say what came from the iPant and what came from the new lifestyle, but I will tell you what I LOVED about the iPant.

(I like lists.)

1.  The material is FAB!  It’s soft and comfortable which can be a really hard find when it comes to body slimmers.  It’s perfect for Brides with those looooooonnngggg wedding days.

2.  The laser cut edge.

See how there really isn’t a waistband and there isn’t a band where it ends on the thighs?  That means the fabric won’t dig into your skin and make big fat patches (pretty!) like other slimmers will.

3.  It slimmed really well and looked perfect under my clothes.  I felt held in and tight, but comfortable (figure that out!).

All in all here is what I think.

I think that it is a great body slimmer to wear under your clothes.  Do I think the cellulite thing works?  I honestly don’t know, but if I had a choice between a slimmer that could possibly help diminish cellulite and one that didn’t, I go with the one that could.

Just Sayin’.

You can get the Wacoal iPant and other products at Macy’s and Nordstrom.

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SSSHHHHH! Don’t Tell My Husband…

…But I’m having a love affair.

I can’t help myself!

I am in love with a Lebanese designer named Zuhair Murad.

Ok ok.

So I’ve never met the guy, but he has got to be incredible if he can design a gown like this

Everything about this gown is luxurious.

Look at how the lace trimmed skirt opens in the front to reveal a full lace appliquéd underskirt.

The off the shoulder lace neckline that goes into a lace three quarter length sleeve.

And the sash.  THE SASH!  It brings the eye to the smallest part of your waist and makes it look itty bitty.

I appreciate designers that don’t forget about the back of dresses because, come on, when you think about it, people will be looking at your backside 95% of the time during the ceremony.  You better give them something good to look at and that’s why I love this beautiful bow in the back.

This gown is beautiful on most figures especially if you are not feeling too keen on the whole underarm region.

You think this is good?  Take a look at his other styles by clicking here.

And I would like to take this opportunity to tell T (my husband) no worries.  I love you, but it wouldn’t hurt my love for you if you could design a gown like this.

Just sayin’.

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It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is Fall!

Not only is the Earth at it’s most beautiful and the funnest Holiday is upon us

I want to be Rosie the Riveter for Halloween.  I’m not into skanky costumes.  Yes, I am too good for those.

but it’s the big Market Season!

You may have notice all of the hubbub going on in New York for the past few days.  It’s called Fashion Week.  It’s when the hottest designers premier their new lines for Spring of the next year.

For Buyers, this is Christmas!  (or Hanukah or Kwanza or whatever floats your boat)

This is the perk of our job.

We get to dress up, rub shoulders with top Designers and buy, buy, buy.

My Fashion Week start the last week of September.

I will be at the Chicago Bridal Market gobbling up all of the new trends in Bridal for 2013.

Seriously, best part of my job.

Did I mention my other favorite part of Fall?

The Brides.

I don’t know what it is.

The Brides that get married in the fall are always a little more low key and a little more stylish.  I love the rich colors that go into planning a fall wedding.  I love the crisp air that make the wedding festivities even more luxurious.

I just love it.

So let’s welcome Fall together and celebrate the incredible weddings that we are about to experience this season.

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A Funny Thing Happened

Not really funny “haha”, but funny “I’m going to rip someone’s head off”.

I was out of town last week for labor day.

And my house got robbed.

The reason I’m telling you this is because they stole my laptop, among other things.

Those bastards.

Anyway, I’m going to be quiet this week until I can get a new one.

Until then, I will be changing my locks and giving everyone that walks by my house the evil eye.