Don’t Hate The Player, Hate The Game

I deal with this on a daily basis.

I know how your conversations go.

MY friends have even said this to me!

“I have the best idea! After we get out of this tub (?) let’s pretend we are getting married and go try on wedding dress!”

Just typing that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!

I know it sounds fun, and I know that you think you have this really awesome fake CZ diamond ring that looks “totally real” and you have come up with this great story about how you are “getting married next year and just want to try on a few styles”.

I promise I am not a mean girl.  I’m actually really nice.  I know who you are when you call and make your appointment and I just sigh and put your name in the calendar.  I don’t tell you no and I don’t call you out.

I’m writing this to you to let you know that we know and honestly, you’re waisting our money and time.

It’s the chick in the back. She’s smiling WAAAAY too big.

Your story is great in the beginning and then the cracks start to show.  You all start to giggle in that “certain” way.  Your story starts to fall apart.  One of your friends can’t stand it and SHE wants to try on a dress.  And by the end, YOU know that we know and you leave giving me that sheepish grin.

Earlier this year, I had a girl send me a Thank You card apologizing for lying to me and that she will send all of her friends to me because even though she was “just playing”, I gave her the best service she has ever had (that’s how I make you feel guilty.  This isn’t my first rodeo).

I know what you’re thinking “well, if we like you and we have a good experience than we will come back when we REALLY get married”.


Look, your cheapening your real experience.  When you really are engaged you’ll know what to expect.

Remember the first time you kissed someone you really really really like, or do I dare say, loved?

You had butterflies!  It was exciting!  It was new and you knew that even though every other kiss you shared with that person would be incredible, it wouldn’t be as special as that first time.

Don’t waste your first time.

Go do something cool instead like

Lay in the road?

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Hate The Player, Hate The Game

  1. Caycee Penick says:

    AMEN! My favorite is why you ask what their wedding date is and they just say welllll we haven’t quite figured that out yet.

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