Something Blue

I promise I will talk about Inside Edition and show pictures next week, so hold on to your big girl pants.  They’re coming.

But, speaking of big girl pants…

Actually, no.

I would not classify these as anything but beautiful AND practical lingerie (this combination is hard to find).

I was invited to a launching of this next seasons intimates and body shapers by Wacoal.

They also had their other line b.tempt’d, which is honestly to die for!

Why do I bring this up, you ask?

I am asked by about 98% of my Brides what they should do for their “Something Blue”.  I used to say blue shoes, but I’ve been feeling like colored shoes are a little played out.

So, here is my answer and I don’t think it will ever change.

Blue in your lingerie.

There is nothing more elegant than a Bride in white or ivory lingerie and when you add a touch of blue, it is just perfect.

These are just a couple of new styles that I was able to see and they were PERFECT!  The small blue organza bow is super feminine and I love the fact that you are the only one that knows where the blue is… until later that night.

You can see these styles on their website by clicking here.  The styles that I showed you are called Ciao Bella and they come in more colors if you just want to pick these little treasures up for another special occasion.

Oh, and make sure to check out their b.tempt’d collection.

It was my fav!

And stay tuned for more awesome stuff by Wacoal.  They have a little something that I’m psyched about and excited to introduce to you!

Have a fun weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Something Blue

  1. My something blue was a blue star of David on a heart locket attached to my bouquet. Inside was a picture of my late great grandmother.

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