This is a Wedding, Not a Funeral!

I have heard this statement spoken to me by countless Brides and MOBs.

Why do they say this, you ask?

Well, it’s when we are talking about colors that the Bridal Party should wear and I suggest black.

They normally give me some sort of version of this face


I know that as little girls we grew up thinking we were going to wear a bright white, sparkly ball gown for a dress and our Bridesmaids would either wear lavender or burgundy.  You may have noticed while planning your wedding, that it doesn’t normally end up the way you dreamed it would when you were 8.

You grow up.

Your taste becomes more refined.

You choose an Ivory silk shantung mermaid dress instead of the big white sparkly ball gown.

Maybe you don’t get married in Cinderella’s Castle, but at a Four Seasons.

You don’t dance with your father to “Butterfly Kisses” but to an instrumental version of “The Way You Look Tonight”.

And hey, to any of you Brides that chose to do any of the above things, kudos to you!  You are committed to your fantasy of your wedding as a young child and I think that should be celebrated, but let’s also remember to keep an open mind.

Why black?

First off, it makes your wedding more formal.  If the men are wearing a classic Tux (and I’m talking James Bond, Black Bow Tie classic.  Not colored cummerbund, The Wedding Singer classic) why not stream line the party with all black.

I loved how a few years back the style for men in weddings turned to simple suits in grays and browns, but I do have to admit that I’m craving the good old Black Tux. I mean, COME ON! LOOK AT THIS!

Secondly, everyone looks good in black.  Believe me, your Maids will thank you.  Oh and so will the Mothers!

Third, it will make you, the Bride, stand out in your Ivory, White or Blush colored dress.

Fourth, your flowers will POP!

Fifth, you will never look back on the color you chose for your Bridesmaids and think “What the Hell…”.

Do I need to go on?

I will if you want me to.

Look, do I think that everyone should chose black for their line?  No.

Do I think when Brides choose other colors that it’s tacky?  Of course not!  I’m a Bridesmaid in a wedding this summer and I get to wear beautiful nude colored dress that I’m super psyched about and that will look beautiful with all of their colors.

I just don’t think you should rule black out.

It’s stunning, sophisticated and lovely.

And yes, I did black for my wedding.  It doesn’t mean I’m biased.

Well, maybe just a little…

Here are some examples and I want you to notice that most of these Brides let their Bridesmaids choose (with the Bride having the final say, of course) her own style.  Black is the perfect color to do this with because it will not look over the top.  Also, black is black.  No funky shades to worry about.

Cute POP of color

See how the Bride stands out? Get it Guuurl!

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4 thoughts on “This is a Wedding, Not a Funeral!

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