Drew Barrymore’s Wedding Dress

This has been a hot topic in the fashion industry and it’s been pretty split on whether people like it or not.

It’s hard to find a good photo of her dress and by looking at this photo it looks like there might be some interesting texture going on around the train and hem of the skirt.  Karl said that the gown is embroidered with flowers and feathers, which sounds dreamy to me.  I guess we won’t know what it looks like until other photos come out.

Drew was married in a traditional Jewish Wedding Ceremony where the Bride wears a more modest gown with sleeves.  The gown was designed by Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld.  Now this in itself is a pretty big deal seeing that The House of  Chanel doesn’t really design wedding gowns, so Kudos to Drew for getting that arranged!

You can see in this photos that the fabric is pleated throughout the bodice and has a small ruffle on the edge of each sleeve that matches the large ruffle around the neckline.  I’m not really a fan of black on wedding gowns (even though black is my favorite color, I don’t think it has a place on a wedding gown.  That’s just my opinion) but having said that, I love the black ribbon around her waist.

Don’t even get me started on her headpiece and veil!

It is stunning!

So, I’m sure you can tell that I love this gown.  I love anything that is unexpected and that looks effortless and I feel like Drew’s look embodies both of those things.  To me, it looks like a gown her Grandmother would have worn for her wedding gown.

Even Karl said he love the dress!

He told InStyle online:

“I think she looked beautiful and it fit her strong personality,” Lagerfeld told InStyle.com of the dress this week. Barrymore customized her gown — which featured a skirt embroidered with tulle flowers and feathers — with a black satin belt. “She wanted that,” Lagerfeld added. “I loved it. I love her.”  

Oh, but don’t let that nice talk fool you.

Karl is a diva and had to put one little dig in

Really Karl? This is coming from someone who dresses up his rat in a suit and sunglasses?

Seriously, if he wasn’t a genius I would hate him, not that being a genius gives you an excuse to be a jerk.
I want to hear your thoughts on the gown.  What did you like or what did you hate?
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3 thoughts on “Drew Barrymore’s Wedding Dress

  1. eightfourtwelve says:

    EEGADS, did Miss B even bother with an undergarment? Get those girls UP! P.S. I love everything you say and everything you write and whyyy didn’t I find you at the beginning of the engagement, I feel like I only have five weeks left to read this thing as an appropriate-style reader! A+ top shelf stuff, lady. And I couldn’t agree more about the “At the end of the day”

    • We could say why all day, but at least we found each other now and can go through life… wait, I think that’s what I said to my husband when we were engaged. But the feelings are mutual (about Drews puppies too) and I hope you come around even after the wedding is finished because I like you and I think we should be friends. whatyya say?

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