The Serial Wedding Dress Purchaser

I told you I would tell you about this Bride.

It was amazing.

Look, I don’t think it is weird to have more than one dress on your wedding day.  I mean, I had two dresses myself, so I think it’s actually  kinda fun.

But this… THIS was ridiculous.

Let’s call this Bride Britney (there are so many Britneys out there that she won’t even know it’s her).

Pretend this is Britney

Britney came into my store looking for jewelry.  She had actually already purchased a gown from another store, but my stores are known for our jewelry so even if Brides don’t end up getting their dresses from us, they always come in for our accessories.

While I was showing her around our jewelry case I could see her sneaking a glance at our dresses.  She was very distracted by a certain gown.  After a few minutes she said “I know this sounds weird and that I don’t have an appointment, but would I be able to slip on that gown?”  She looked super sheepish like she knew she shouldn’t do it and she was right, she shouldn’t.  I explained to her everything that I explained in this post, but she really wanted to and I had a few minutes to sneak her in between appointments so I grabbed the dress and let her in the room.

I knew she was in trouble when I saw this

She loved it.

She explained to me that the gown she already has was $7,000 dollars and that the store had a no return or exchange policy (most of us do, I’ll explain that later), but she loved this one so much more.

She told me she was calling her mom to get her “Daddy’s” credit card information and will be purchasing this dress.

What was I supposed to do?  Tell her no?

Here is my philosophy, if you are adult enough and mature enough to get married than you should be adult enough and mature enough to make your own decisions.  I shouldn’t influence you.  (I have had some Brides and MOB’s tell me that philosophy is wrong.  Really?)

Oh, and I know that this Bride sounds like a rich snob and she is rich, but not at all a snob.  She was one of the sweetest Brides I have every worked with.

Ok, Ok.

So, Daddy buys the dress and we set up an appointment to get her dress fitted and she gives me a hug and leaves.

Fast forward two weeks.

Britney’s back for her fitting.

As she is walking back to her fitting room, she stops short.

She sees another dress.

If you want to know what happens next, scroll to the top of this post and read.

Yes, she bought another dress.  We make another appointment to alter this new dress.

She comes back in a week later for the fitting and the same things happens.

This whole thing happens one more time after this until she has bought 4 different dresses from me.  That means she has purchased 5 wedding gowns!!  (This girl needs to get a hobby)  After the 4th dress, I told her that I was going to blindfold her every time she walked in my store.

Britney thought I was kidding.

I was serious.

Look I’m not complaining because this was great for my store.  I mean, she ended up spending around $20,000.  I wish every Bride bought 4 dresses!

This is Britney just makin’ it rain up in my shop

It’s just that I felt bad for this Bride.  I could only imagine how indecisive she was with all aspects of her wedding.

Anyway, I hope this drives home my reasons for not ” just looking around” after you have purchased your dress.

Don’t be a Serial Wedding Dress Purchaser.

Don’t be this Bride.

I love her, but don’t be her.

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5 thoughts on “The Serial Wedding Dress Purchaser

  1. thecupcakebride says:

    This story is really sad…
    I promiss I won’t be looking at dresses again!! I’ve got miiiiine :)))))))

  2. I absolutely love your blog! I apologize if you’ve posted this but I’m reason from my phone and may have missed it…do you mind to share your website? I’d love to take a look at your wedding jewelry!

    • Thanks you so much! I’m so happy you decided to stop by. So about the whole revealing my stores thing, I haven’t revealed my identity or my stores because I tell a lot of secrets on this blog and share a lot of “interesting” stories about Brides I have worked with and I could get a lot of people mad at me.
      I’ll make you a deal, if you want to email me what you are looking for in jewelry, I would be happy to put my feelers out and point you in the proper direction.

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