Life’s a Beach Part Duex

While in Playa Del Carmen, we were able to see a few beach weddings take place.

I love beach weddings.  When they are done right I think that they are the most simple and romantic way to get married.  I myself would have had a beach wedding, but for personal reasons we had a religious ceremony.

I know I touched on this in one of my first posts, what to wear for a beach wedding, and in this post I will give you some examples.

One of the brides I saw was wearing this gown

This is Maggie Sottero’s Ireland.  This gown is about four years old, but it has still remained pretty popular among the beach going crowd.  The silhouette of the gown is beautiful and the chiffon fabric is spot on for a beach wedding.

I’ll be honest, it’s not my favorite, but I know why some girls like it.

If you are going the Maggie Sottero route I would suggest this

This is Maggie Sottero’s RD1044 which is still one of the most popular destination gowns.  J. Crew makes a gown very similar to this, but it is twice as much.  What’s nice about this gown is that the flowers are detachable so if you’re not in love with them, you can just take them off.  I’ve had some brides remove them and use some of them for a hair piece.  Again, it has that slim silhouette with the soft chiffon which is perfect on the beach.

The other wedding we saw was at a secluded  and very charming boutique hotel and spa called Ana y Jose in Tulum.  By far my favorite hotel in the Cancun area.  We like small and charming, so we love that each room was it’s own little casita on the beach.

(Click here to check this place out and maybe keep it up on your computer so that the fiancé can check it out for honeymoon spots.)

The wedding we saw here was exquisite.  It was exactly how I would have had my beach wedding.  No frills, no band, no guests (I would have had immediate family only).  Just the couple.  I felt honored to be able to look down on this intimate ceremony from the balcony.  I felt like I got to be a part of this couples beginning.  It was beautiful.

The most beautiful?  The bride.

I HAD to take a photo! And don’t worry, there isn’t about to be a sneak attack, that is just their photographer bringing up the rear.

The bride wore a dress similar to this

Let’s pretend that the cheap sequins aren’t on it and that it is just a plain ivory and about two inches longer.

The look was beautiful, effortless and classy.

And her shoes!!  HER SHOES!!

The were similar to these

And yes, they were this color.  They were beautiful.

The moral of the story?

Keep it simple ladies.

When you think of the beach you think of relaxed, low key, beautiful, soft and breathtaking.  Those are the same words that should describe your beach wedding gown.

This beast should stay indoors where is belongs.

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7 thoughts on “Life’s a Beach Part Duex

  1. These are some really beautiful dresses.

  2. The first dress is absolutely gorgeous! And one girl at my school’s prom wore that sequined dress…I think I know which one you’re talking about though, seeing it as all white and longer. I saw something like your description at Macy’s!

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