Wedding Gown Wednesday


It’s great to see you again!

I love Wednesdays, only because I love posting my favorite gowns.

So here it is people.

If you love lace and you don’t know Pronovias than this post will change your life.

Pronovias is based in the beautiful city of Barcelona.  I had the pleasure of going there last year for their debut of the 2011 line and they did not disappoint.  Spain is known for their laces and Pronovias has so many different textures and styles of them that, if you are looking for lace, you are sure to find your dress with them.

I chose this gown because I love the capelet.  I think that they add a touch of drama to any gown and capelets in lace are to die for.

This gown is perfect for that Bride who is getting married in a religious ceremony that wants to be a bit covered, but wants the option to remove it for the dinner or reception.  It is also perfect for a brisk outdoor ceremony or a winter wedding.

Let’s be honest, this gown would be perfect for anything.

Visit Pronovias’ website here to check out all of the stunning gowns they have to offer and what shops carry them.


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