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Planning for the Planner

A run in this week has made me want to talk about this subject.

Wedding Planners.

So great.

So, so great.

… Let’s talk about them, shall we?

The Wedding Industry is filled with weirdos.  Cheesy men with gold chains, middle aged women that haven’t grown up and are still planning their dream wedding, young women that are self proclaimed fashionistas and DJ’s.

In all of this weirdness, Wedding Planners CAN BE the strangest breed.  Did you see what I did there?  The CAN BE makes it so that I didn’t include all Wedding Planners, so I don’t want to look at my comment box and see it flooded with angry Wedding Planners!

But, most of you can be kind of weird.

I have worked with hundreds of Wedding Planners in my life and when there is a good one, they are AWESOME, but when there is a bad one, they are HORRENDOUS.

There is something GREAT about having someone in the business that can help point you in the right directions.  It’s also great knowing that on your wedding day you won’t have to worry about the little details.  That you don’t have  to call the band and Jazz singer when they still haven’t arrived 20 minutes after the all of the guests have seated.

You don’t want to miss out on this guy singing at your wedding.  Look how much fun your guests could have!

Here are a few things that you need to consider:

1.  Talk to your friends.  Who did they use?  This, I have found, is the best way to find a planner.

2.  Look at the person’s credentials.  And having a great WEDDING board on Pintrest DOES NOT mean that you’re a wedding planner.  How long have they been doing it?  Have them show you photos of weddings that they have planned.

3.  Talk to Brides that have used this planner.  What did they like about this person?  What didn’t they like?  Make sure the conversation is very candid.

4.  How is the Planners energy?  I know, I know.  It sounds all kooky and cosmic but really, what energy do they give off?   Frazzled, uptight planner means frazzled and uptight wedding.

Make sure that they are calm, professional and fun!  Hey, you’re the one that has to spend a lot of time together and I don’t know about you, but I want to be with someone I enjoy.

5.  How are they viewed in the Industry?  There are Planners that all of us in the Industry know by name that we LOVE to work with.  They are our friends and most importantly?  They KNOW that they they are not an expert in our individual fields, WE ARE and they work WITH US to collaborate and make your wedding beautiful.  They aren’t like this

This is a bull in a china shop, if you can’t tell.

Just like we know the good ones, we know the bad ones and it makes it to where we don’t want to work with their brides.  Be wary if they start talking badly about people they are going to use in the industry or if you ever hear the words “I’ll handle this” followed by them being disrespectful to us, run.  Yes, Planners are there to put out fires, but I have seen way too many planners start fires just so they can put them out so that you know that they are worth your money.  These planners create drama and why would you need more drama?

6.  Make sure that they listen to you and that they don’t take over your wedding.

Look, you get the idea.  Essentially, this person will be in charge of your most important day.  Just make sure they are a normal, kind and professional human being.

Sounds weird, but those people can be hard to find.

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Wedding Gown Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everybody!

Would you consider yourself a bride who wants the fullness of a a classic wedding gown with without all of the cheesy beads, pickups and flowers?  I have met more brides like this lately.  They can’t find a classic wedding gown without all of the cheese.

Well, I found one for you.

Meet Emma from J.Crew

I love how light and feminine this gown is.  I love the layers of satin faced silk organza without the HUGE train and GINORMOUS skirt.

This gown is simple with just a subtle touch of drama.  I see this gown in a garden or backyard estate wedding.

The best part?  Any body shape can wear this gorgeous thing!  It hugs your figure in just the right spots.

To see this gown from J. Crew and more, click here.

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Greatest Proposal!

Hope all of my friends from the good ‘ol US of A had a fantastic and memorable Memorial Day Weekend.  We celebrated by going out of the country with no phones or distractions.

It was wonderful.

This morning I had The Today Show on and they had the loveliest couple there.  They were on for no other reason than how this man proposed to his fiancé.

Now, if you have read my blog for a while, you know how I feel about first dances and proposals on youtube.  To me, they are a dime a dozen, so if I am putting one of them on my blog I must think it’s pretty great.  THE GREATEST in fact.  The thing I love about it is that not only does this couple love each other, but they have such great family and friends that love them too.

So, if you don’t tear up while watching this, you are a monster that doesn’t believe in love.  (I actually had to go reapply my eye makeup after this one).

So, without further adieu, THE GREATEST PROPOSAL.

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Wedding Gown Wednesday (Thursday)

Have you seen the trailer for The Great Gatsby that’s coming out later this year?  If you haven’t, here it is

Ever since I read this book my sophomore year of high school it became a favorite of mine.  I don’t know if it had to do with the mystery of it all or the fact that it was set in the 20’s and I have always loved that era. (I think it all started with my favorite movie when I was young “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken.”  Do you remember that movie?  Still a favorite!)  The fashion was breathtaking.  You can only imagine my excitement when, a few years back, I was at the Bridal Fashion Market and coming down the runways were these vintage inspired 20’s dresses.

My heart leaped with happiness!!

Well, because of all of this 20’s excitement I chose this gown for the week

It’s not just the dress I’m dying over, it’s the whole look!  The designer, Johanna Johnson, not only makes these stunning gowns, but look at the accessories!

Can I get married again, please? (To the same man, of course)

There will be no explanation for this look because this photo speaks for itself.

And if you don’t get this look, than you don’t get fashion.  Sorry.

To look at all that Johanna Johnson has to offer, visit her website by clicking here.

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Life’s a Beach Part Duex

While in Playa Del Carmen, we were able to see a few beach weddings take place.

I love beach weddings.  When they are done right I think that they are the most simple and romantic way to get married.  I myself would have had a beach wedding, but for personal reasons we had a religious ceremony.

I know I touched on this in one of my first posts, what to wear for a beach wedding, and in this post I will give you some examples.

One of the brides I saw was wearing this gown

This is Maggie Sottero’s Ireland.  This gown is about four years old, but it has still remained pretty popular among the beach going crowd.  The silhouette of the gown is beautiful and the chiffon fabric is spot on for a beach wedding.

I’ll be honest, it’s not my favorite, but I know why some girls like it.

If you are going the Maggie Sottero route I would suggest this

This is Maggie Sottero’s RD1044 which is still one of the most popular destination gowns.  J. Crew makes a gown very similar to this, but it is twice as much.  What’s nice about this gown is that the flowers are detachable so if you’re not in love with them, you can just take them off.  I’ve had some brides remove them and use some of them for a hair piece.  Again, it has that slim silhouette with the soft chiffon which is perfect on the beach.

The other wedding we saw was at a secluded  and very charming boutique hotel and spa called Ana y Jose in Tulum.  By far my favorite hotel in the Cancun area.  We like small and charming, so we love that each room was it’s own little casita on the beach.

(Click here to check this place out and maybe keep it up on your computer so that the fiancé can check it out for honeymoon spots.)

The wedding we saw here was exquisite.  It was exactly how I would have had my beach wedding.  No frills, no band, no guests (I would have had immediate family only).  Just the couple.  I felt honored to be able to look down on this intimate ceremony from the balcony.  I felt like I got to be a part of this couples beginning.  It was beautiful.

The most beautiful?  The bride.

I HAD to take a photo! And don’t worry, there isn’t about to be a sneak attack, that is just their photographer bringing up the rear.

The bride wore a dress similar to this

Let’s pretend that the cheap sequins aren’t on it and that it is just a plain ivory and about two inches longer.

The look was beautiful, effortless and classy.

And her shoes!!  HER SHOES!!

The were similar to these

And yes, they were this color.  They were beautiful.

The moral of the story?

Keep it simple ladies.

When you think of the beach you think of relaxed, low key, beautiful, soft and breathtaking.  Those are the same words that should describe your beach wedding gown.

This beast should stay indoors where is belongs.

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Sing Sing Sing

I won’t lie, I was kind of over fun first dances.

I guess I had just seen too many, not very funny, MC Hammer “Can’t Touch This” renditions and I was craving to see more classic “The Way You Look Tonight” kind of stuff.

I know.  I’m lame.

But then I saw Ryan and Frankie’s and that all changed.


Are they particularly good dancers?  Not really, but they are just so dang cute and pull it off so well.

I wanted to share this with you because THIS is what a fun first dance should be like.

Take it away Ryan and Frankie!


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Life’s a Beach (Wedding)

Hi friends!

I’m bronzed and I’m back!

If you haven’t been around for a while, that’s ok.  I haven’t either.  I spent a week with my husband in Cancun reading, relaxing and recharging.

Speaking of reading, if you’re looking for a funny read I fully endorse this:

If you don’t love The Office then you, my friend, are not American.  How can you not?

Mindy’s book is perfect for that summer read by the pool.  I guess I loved it so much because we are practically the same person (if you take out the whole being rich, famous and Indian thing).  We are!  I could have written it.  We would either be best friends or hate each other’s guts.  Anyway, get on Amazon and get this!

As we got on the Plane to jet off to Cancun, I noticed a bride that would be taking the trip with me.  She had her dress in a garment bag as her carry on and was brimming with excitement.

Actually, she looked hungover, but that’s besides the point.

Over the years, Destination Weddings have surged in popularity.  I would say about 4 out of every 10 brides I work with are getting married somewhere other than their home town.

A question that I am constantly asked is “How do I safely get my dress to my destination?”

Here is how.

First off NEVER and I mean NEVER pack your gown in your checked luggage.  Have you flown Delta lately?  I swear they lose one of my bags every time I fly with them.  I’m a Southwest girl now and I’m not afraid to admit it.  You can have your Delta!

See. This kid flew on Delta.

I have heard of Brides getting their luggage lost and resorting to buying the first white dress they saw when they got to their location.  You want to take your dress as your carry on and don’t get pressured into buying a special piece of luggage for you dress.

Sorry about the crappy photo.

Just make sure that you have a breathable cotton-like garment bag to put your dress in.  Don’t get the plastic ones.  They tear easily and always give the gowns a funky smell.

Secondly, don’t let the dress out of your sight.  Now brides, I know we have a tendency to get a little bit psycho about things so don’t go too overboard on this, but just make sure that you know where it is at all times.  If you stop by and grab a greasy, disgustingly delicious mess we like to refer to as a “Cinnabon”, give yourself a high five and put the dress on a chair next to you until you are finished stuffing your face.  Don’t leave it with your mom or Fiancé to look after it.

Third, as you board the plane inform the flight attendant that you have your wedding gown and ask where you should put it.  The key here is to be kind.  If you’re not, it’s going in the overhead bin.  If you are, they will hang in their little closet that they have for the flight attendants and pilots.

I thought this would be appropriate for Mothers Day.
Really American Airlines?

What do I always say?  You get more flies with honey than vinegar.

That’s it.  Not too hard is it?

All you have to do is keep your seat backs and tray tables up until take off and you are ready to go.


And does anyone else think it’s kinda funny to have a life vest under your seat in case of a water evacuation?  I mean, unless you’re flying with Captain Sully, I don’t think you will be needing it.

And don’t even get me started with using the seat cushion for a flotation device.

I think I’ll pass.


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Do Not Disturb

I thought I would just drop you all a line and let you know that I’ve been in Cancun this week and won’t be getting back to writing until Monday.


It has been heavenly.

Wedding Gown Wednesday


It’s great to see you again!

I love Wednesdays, only because I love posting my favorite gowns.

So here it is people.

If you love lace and you don’t know Pronovias than this post will change your life.

Pronovias is based in the beautiful city of Barcelona.  I had the pleasure of going there last year for their debut of the 2011 line and they did not disappoint.  Spain is known for their laces and Pronovias has so many different textures and styles of them that, if you are looking for lace, you are sure to find your dress with them.

I chose this gown because I love the capelet.  I think that they add a touch of drama to any gown and capelets in lace are to die for.

This gown is perfect for that Bride who is getting married in a religious ceremony that wants to be a bit covered, but wants the option to remove it for the dinner or reception.  It is also perfect for a brisk outdoor ceremony or a winter wedding.

Let’s be honest, this gown would be perfect for anything.

Visit Pronovias’ website here to check out all of the stunning gowns they have to offer and what shops carry them.