Measure for Measure

Picking up where we left off about two weeks ago (I kinda got off track with other stuff like feeding tubes and Brangelina).

You have found your dress!

You are in your dressing room breathing a sigh of relief and you don’t want to take it off.

Now it’s time for the ordering process.

First things first, we need to take your measurements.

Why do we take measurements you ask?

Well, we need to order your dress and need to figure out your size.

I get a lot of brides who think that we take them because the designers will custom make the gown to those measurements.  That is not the case.

This is a size chart from Lazaro

What I will be doing is finding the closest size to your measurements.

Now, this is the time where you have to leave your ego and pride out the door.

As I have pointed out before, the sizes run small and you might be a size or two bigger than you usually are.

Let me show you an example of how the whole process works.

I will take my trusty measuring tape and start measuring you and no, you do not need to be naked.  I get asked that all of the time.  Can you imagine?!  I just need you to take off anything bulky that you are wearing and I can do it right over your clothes.  I just pull it a little snug.  I can hear some of you gasping in panic, but I have been doing this for a long time and I have never had my measurements be wrong.  Do I suggest all Bridal Consultants do it this way?  Not unless they are experienced, but every store does it a little differently.  Here is what I will be measuring

For the basic ordering process, I will be measuring bust, waist and hip.  That would be numbers 1,8 and 9.

So, let’s say that I just measured a bride and her measurements are

Bust: 34

Waist: 27

Hip: 36

Let’s look at the Lazaro size chart and see where my bride would fall.

Her bust and hip puts her in a size 8, but her waist puts her in between a 10 and 12.  This actually happens to 99.9% of brides.  It is super rare that a bride fits perfectly in a size.  So what would you put her in?

I would put her in the size 12.  What?!  you are all saying.  Yes,  I said the 12.  I know, I know.  She is on a diet and is planning on losing 200 pounds in three months so why won’t you just get her the 10 and go in between the sizes.  I mean, she  is only an inch off!  I actually had a group of bridesmaids accuse me of calling them all fat and because of that wanted a discount on their dresses.  You think they had a plan to get a discount?  Classy, huh?  This is what I explained to them.

It is always better to get a gown in a little too big then to get a gown a little too small.  You actually want it to be a little big so that you can tailer it to your exact measurements with our seamstress.  I actually got my dress a couple sizes bigger so that my seamstress could fit every curve of my body (I don’t suggest EVERYONE doing this, my seamstresses are incredible).  Can you imagine waiting four months for your dress to come in and finding that it is a size too small?  You won’t have time to reorder and hopefully we can let some of the seams out or you could just get a feeding tube put in (I didn’t say that part to them).  I would order this bride a size 2 if she wanted, but she has to sign a form that says because of her measurements I strongly suggested the 12, but she wanted the 2 and the store is not liable if it does not fit correctly.

Sorry ladies, that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

That is the short version about how the measurement process goes.

I guess I just want to say before I end this post that the number doesn’t matter.  No one but you and I will ever know it.  All that matters is that the gown fits you beautifully and that you look radiant.

Oh, and what happened to those Bridesmaids?  After working with them for about three hours and explaining all of this they still were yelling at me and wanting a discount.  I kindly gave them all of their paperwork with their measurements and the style numbers and gave them the name, phone number and address to the nearest store that carried that same designer so that they could order it from them.  I even offered to call the store so that they could be ready and waiting for the girls to come in.  Shocked, they apologized profusely and said it was fine and that they wanted to order it from me.  I politely declined.

Homie don’t play that game.

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