Wedding Dress Wednesday

Is it Wednesday already?

This is a busy week for me and I need to get a lot done and I feel it slowly slipping away…

Anyway, enough about me, let’s talk about this incredible wedding dress.

I know all of you classic Cinderella fairy tale brides are quickly shielding your burning eyes, but I’m in love with this gown!

You have to understand, I’m around wedding gowns all day long.  I see enough tulle and crinoline to last me five lifetimes and I’ll be honest, I feel like some designers will just design a huge ball gown, put some tulle over it, throw in some sparkle and call it good.  There are always a few of these in every collection just so that they can meet the required 12 dress minimum and they know that some brides will buy anything big, poofy and sparkly.

It’s lazy and I hate it.

I appreciate when designers think outside the box and really try to do something different and beautiful.  It takes a lot of fashion forecasts study and a ton of trial and error in the drawing room, but when it is done, it is a work of art.  As a designer myself, it is when I do these things that I feel fulfilled and I’m most proud of my gowns.

Anywho, this stunning gown is from a French designer who’s line is called Cymbeline.  This gown is made for a more mature bride or a bride who enjoys that casual chic look, like Madewell  or J.Crew (I know, I reference these stores a ton ,but can you tell what my favorite stores are?)   I see this gown in a city wedding or out on a ranch with some vintage cowboy boots on.

I can’t get over this dress.

Check out Cymbeline Paris’ website for more styles.

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