Toot Toot! (This Is Me Tooting My Own Horn)

You know when you type out a LOOOOOONNNGGG, awesome blog post that has taken you a few days, here and there, and your safari shuts down and all of a sudden it is gone?

Yeah, me too.

It just happened today and when it did, I slowly closed my laptop and silently walked away (and maybe ate a few cookies to soothe my anger).

While I’m trying to get up the energy to try it again, I thought I would ask you this question.

Have you ever had someone super awesome retweet you?




So, I wanted to tell my new favorite show, Fashion Star, how much I loved them.  So I did.

This show rocked my world. Why can't all designers have fashion shows like this when I go buy?

I came back later that day and saw that they retweeted me!

I just stared, stunned.  I mean they have over 9,000 followers.  Then I thought “I’m gonna blow up with following requests and I’m going to have all of this traffic to my blog!”

And then I waited.  And waited.


And then I just laughed.  Why should I care?  All I really care about is that for one fleeting second, one of Fashion Star’s interns who is in charge of their Twitter account knew who The Bride’s Maid was.

And that’s good enough for me.


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