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The Crying Game

Let me start this post by posing a question: How will you know when you meet the one?


I’m not talking about the person you will marry.  Let’s hope you have already established that by the time you have reached this point.

I’m talking about the right dress.

You have tried on what feels to be a million gowns and then, finally you walk out of your dressing room and up to the mirrors and your heart rate quickens.  You are short of breath.  You feel a little light headed and tingly and then the tears come.

At this point, call 911 because you might be have a serious problem on your hands.

This is NOT what always happens when you find the perfect dress.  This is what happens in TV and in the movies.

I remember one specific Bride that I worked with who found her wedding dress.  She LOVED it.  Couldn’t get enough of it.  She probably spent a good twenty minutes twirling in the mirror and talking about how perfect it was.  But suddenly, as she looked in the mirror I saw her smile slowly fade.  I then asked her if she there was a problem with the dress and she quickly said no.  She turned around and said “this isn’t the dress”.

Come again?

“This isn’t the dress”, she sadly said.  I then asked her why and she told me that she wasn’t crying and that Brides know what dress they will wear because they will start to cry when they see it.  A little taken back, I told her that a reaction like that is more rare than normal.  I began to tell her that this is the reaction I see most:

Take away the bed and it's pretty accurate

Elation.  Happiness.  Squealing.  High fives.  Hugs all around.  That is what I see when a Bride finds her dress.

That Bride ended up leaving confused and holding on to her false expectation.  She came back two weeks later to order that same dress, after going to every Bridal Shop in the city, only to find out that she had run out of time and wouldn’t be able to get that dress in time for her wedding.  She learned the very important lesson of going with your gut in a very sad way that day.

She isn’t the only one that has brought the whole crying thing up though.  I always have Brides asking me “shouldn’t I be crying”, and my response is always “why would you”?


You will know your dress because you will feel happy, beautiful and most importantly, you will feel like yourself (just a dressier version).

I love how this yellow birdcage gives a pop of color and also shows off her personality.

And don’t be the Bride that fake cries.  You’re not fooling anyone.

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Would You Care for a Sample?

Just so you know, this post was stellar.  Awesome.  It would have brought world peace among us… until safari crashed and erased it.

I could kill someone with my bare hands.

Here are your brain fart left overs.

This subject is sensitive for most people.

I will try to explain everything as delicately as possible.

The dreaded sample size.

Why is it so big?  Why is it so small?  Why don’t you have multiple sizes?  Why do I have to try on a sample?  Why is this sample dirty?

Let’s talk about it.

And stick with me, this might get confusing and ugly.

You might wonder why we don’t just get a size run of each style that we buy and that way we don’t have to worry about the ordering process and some stores do that.  We will talk about the pros and cons about ordering later, but a for those of you who don’t know the term, a size run is when you buy every size that a style comes in.

For example, if a wedding gown can come in a size 2-220 that means I’m buying 110 dresses of that one style and big chains like David’s Bridal do that because they manufacture their own gowns and in turn, they are less expensive.  Now, MY cost of a wedding gown can be between $700 to $2500 (mid level)  per dress, if I’m not designing and manufacturing it on my own.

Yeah, it gets pricey.

I almost bought a gown that was $30,000 cost (what I pay) once.

Was I on crack?  Well, if being on crack means that you are hypnotized by the most stunning dress you have ever seen in your life then *yes, yes I was.

(* The Brides’ Maid does not condone or promote the use of drugs.  It’s just a joke people.  Just a joke.)

This wasn't the dress, but this is the most expensive wedding dress in the world. 12 million dollars. Beaded with diamonds. I hope she gets her money back on account of it not being very attractive.

Can you see why getting a size run wouldn’t be a smart business decision?

I would blow my whole open to buy (click here to get that definition.  I really don’t want to take the time to explain it) on that one style and couldn’t afford to buy anything else.

kinda make sense?

Now let’s talk about the size of a sample.

Normally, a Bridal Gown sample size will be a size 8 or a 10, which in regular U.S. sizes is about a 6 or a 8.  So for example, when I got married, I wore size 8 jeans and my wedding dress was a size 12.  (I always thought it was so unfair that on the day we want to feel our smallest, the sizes are all messed up and make us feel bigger.)

Do we think that every woman is this size?

No, we don’t.  Sometimes it’s either too small

Almost pornographic.

And sometimes it can be too big

And sometimes we just like to get professional photos taken in gowns that are too big.

Can we adjust with clamps to fit most brides so that they can see what it would look like in their size?

Most of the time, yes.

Is it fair?

No, it’s not and I hate that so, here is what I try to do.

When I see early on that a dress is getting popular, than I order another sample in a larger size.

If I know that a style will be super beautiful and flattering on a bride that is sexy and curvy, than I get a bigger sample.

As owners we are just trying to give you, the Bride, the best selection of stunning wedding gowns you can see in one shop.

We try, Brides.  I want you to know that we try.  We aren’t out to get you and to make you feel bad about yourself and we don’t expect you to change.

Oh, and you size 0 and 2 brides that yell and complain at me because I have to clamp you in the samples because they are all so “HUGE”, it falls on deaf ears my friend.  It falls on deaf ears.  Try being on the other end, and then you can complain.

So, there is a brief explantation about the sample size.  For those of you who have made it this far, pat yourself on the back and leave your name in the comments and I will give you a congratulatory shout out in the next blog post.

Just Kidding.  Kind of.

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Toot Toot! (This Is Me Tooting My Own Horn)

You know when you type out a LOOOOOONNNGGG, awesome blog post that has taken you a few days, here and there, and your safari shuts down and all of a sudden it is gone?

Yeah, me too.

It just happened today and when it did, I slowly closed my laptop and silently walked away (and maybe ate a few cookies to soothe my anger).

While I’m trying to get up the energy to try it again, I thought I would ask you this question.

Have you ever had someone super awesome retweet you?




So, I wanted to tell my new favorite show, Fashion Star, how much I loved them.  So I did.

This show rocked my world. Why can't all designers have fashion shows like this when I go buy?

I came back later that day and saw that they retweeted me!

I just stared, stunned.  I mean they have over 9,000 followers.  Then I thought “I’m gonna blow up with following requests and I’m going to have all of this traffic to my blog!”

And then I waited.  And waited.


And then I just laughed.  Why should I care?  All I really care about is that for one fleeting second, one of Fashion Star’s interns who is in charge of their Twitter account knew who The Bride’s Maid was.

And that’s good enough for me.


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Sisters Are Doin’ It All Themselves

Seeing that it is International Women’s Day, I thought I would post a video that I received from a movement called Miss Representation. It started out as a simple documentary and has turned into something so inspiring and lovely.  If you are a woman, in love with a woman, a girl, a father of a girl, a brother of a sister or have a mother (I think that about sums up everyone in the world) you should watch the documentary.

Yes, I am in the fashion industry and sometimes I still get down at the fact that I am not as beautiful and thin as the size 0 models I work with and I would be lying if I said I don’t.  However, I know that I have more to offer than just how I look.  My most beautiful Brides I have worked with are not what the world would call  “beautiful”, but they truly have that glow of happiness and are lovely to be around.  I hope you enjoy this short video (Click Here) and check out the MissRepresentation documentary.

Girl Power.

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I would like to know the thought process behind this Editorial Shot.

Women are usually clueless about what they should wear to go try on wedding gowns.


Not the cute outfit they want to wear to go shop to shop in, but what they should wear underneath that will help the gowns (and you) look their best.

Let me introduce you to your best friend

God's gift to Women

I wish I had a dollar for every Bride that told me “oh, I’m like a size 2. I don’t need Spanx”.

Ya know what ladies, I don’t care if you’re a size 2 or a size 22, you need some sort of body slimmer. Especially if you are wearing a sleek, sexy sheath, mermaid or trumpet cut. It will smooth everything out and the fabric will sit well on your body. And yes, designer gowns are made with boning, cups and corsets inside, but most brides want to look smaller and Spanx will make you smaller.

If you don’t want to spend $100 on Spanx at Nordstrom you can get Assets at Target. Assets are actually made by Spanx so they are just as good, they are just $80 cheaper.

Who doesn’t like a deal when they can get one?

Secondly, you need a good bra.

Don’t wear this one.

I only put this on because I thought it was pretty. Leave this for the wedding night.

You are looking for function right now.

Wear your best strapless bra. Victoria’s Secret’s Body by Victoria strapless is my favorite, but whatever you have should work for now.

And hey, don’t be ashamed of a little false advertising. If you need a little lift or padding, go for it! You want to look your best.

Just please, leave this at home

You think I’m kidding?

I see more leopard bras than I would like to admit. Stick to white or flesh toned, even for just trying on gowns.

I’m going to leave you with this last bit of advice

Take a shower.

You will be doing me and yourself a favor.

But mostly me.


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