Please use me! I like it!

I do!

I like to be used.  That’s what I’m here for!

Your Bridal Consultant will ask you if you want her to come in and help you try on your gowns.  You need to say yes.

I hate standing outside of the dressing room while I can hear the bride inside grunting and groaning trying to get into a dress.



I will knock a couple of times and ask “can I come in and help you?” and I get a short fast answer of  “No!  I’m ok!”.


I don’t WANT to see you in your unmentionables.  I WON’T judge your body.  Honestly, I don’t even look at you when you are getting in a dress.

I just DON’T want this to happen to one of my dresses

Seriously, what is this picture?

I can’t even tell you how many times I have gone to clean up a dressing room after a bride won’t let me in to help her and the room is trashed.  I mean TRASHED!  The dresses are on the floor, zippers have been ripped out, beading is coming off, it drives me nuts!

Look, I don’t care what you do in your own room

But it’s not going down in one of mine.

Not on my watch!

Whew.  I feel a lot better saying that.

Anywho, the real reason I want to be in there is to help you get the gowns on.  These gowns are hard to zip up and put on.  Also, if you don’t have someone helping you, it will take 3x as much time to get the gowns on.  It is also a good time for me, as your Bridal Consultant, to get to know you and your wedding better and, in turn I can find you your perfect dress.  You also don’t want anyone from your Bridal Party helping you because you want them to kick back, relax and see you in all your glory when it is zipped up and fits perfectly.  Dresses look really different once they are zipped up.

So, let me in!  Let me help you!  I promise it will be a good thing for all of us involved.

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