Cast of Characters

9 times out of 10 you will have these personalities in your dress shopping Entourage.  They are interchangeable and at times, overwhelming.  Not every group has all of these personalities represented, but you will be able to recognize the ones that are.

Let’s go through them, shall we?

The Loving Mother

Ahhhhh, the loving mother.  The person in your group who is there to hold your hand throughout the whole process.  The one who listens to what you want and lovingly, not in a mean and pushy way, gives you their honest opinion.  This personality is always aware of you feelings and what you personally love.  Even if they don’t personally like your dress, they know you do and that is all that matters.  The way that you will know what gown they love is by the tears they start to shed as you come out to the mirror.

Want to hear something funny?

I would say that only 25% of actual Moms are the Mother personality in the group.

The Know-It-All


Oh this is a fun one.

The Know-It-All.

This person has already gone through the wedding planning process or isn’t engaged, but has watched Say Yes to the Dress religiously and has a stellar Pinterest Wedding Board entitled “Dream Wedding”.  They know everything.

They will tell you what you like.

They will step on your Bridal Consultant’s toes.

They will make you try on gowns you don’t want to because they want to see THEIR dream wedding dress on.

They will take total control of everything.

Their favorite gown on you?  Oh, the one they picked out.  Of course.

The best way you can handle this personality is by humor.  You will offend them if you tell them to put a cork in it.  You also want to show them from the beginning that you are in control.  You want to listen to them and tell them that you will consider their ideas, but end it at that.

It is your wedding after all.


The Excited One!


Everything is so exciting!!!

Look at this dress!!!

You look AMAZING!!!

Try on a veil!!!

And the most popular

I can’t believe you’re getting married!!!

Every dress is their favorite.

This person is awesome.  Don’t change anything about them.

The Green Eyed Monster

The Jealous One.

She will be on her phone the whole time.  She will throw out snide remarks.  She will give you back handed compliments.

The dress they love is normally the one that they are super silent about, but can’t keep their eyes off of.

Shockingly, this person is either a mom or a sister.

My only suggestion is to just consider the source.  You know why this person is jealous so just phase her out and have fun.  If it keeps getting worse, before you go to the next store, go get a drink and pull her to the side and ask if everything is ok.  Tell her it seems like something is wrong.  Are you tired, hungry, want to go home?  This will let her know that you are onto her and it’s a nice way to say “knock it off”.


Those are just a few personalities that you might encounter.  Be prepared for them and just know that Bridal Gown shop can bring out the weirdness in people.  But, most importantly, have fun!

Because if you’re happy, everyone else will be too!

(I want to know this Bride.  I think we would be friends.)

(And I want to help steam her dress out for her.)

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