The Conversationalist

Your Mom is in the front seat talking about colors while your sisters and best friend are in the back seat talking about the ugliest bridesmaids dress they ever wore.  You are all armed with your favorite warm beverage and are ready for a fun day of dress shopping (just remember to get rid of that nice warm beverage before you enter the store).

Everyone is together, confined in a small space with no distractions.  Seize the moment.

It is time for the pep talk.

Every smart bride has one with her Entourage.  The intention of this conversation is to get everyone on the same page and know what your goals are for the day.  Let them know about all the research you have done and that you have a pretty good idea of what type of gown you are going for .  Tell them that you are open to try on different styles, but if you really don’t want to try a certain gown on, you won’t.  You only have a certain amount of time and you want to spend that golden time trying on gowns you are truly interested in.  If there is extra time, then you will try on gowns that you are iffy about.  And don’t be antagonistic with this conversation or make it too formal.  It just needs to be a quick pow wow before you divide and conquer.

There is always one wanna-be Bridal Consultant in the group that wants to take over.  Be aware of her and make sure that you validate her ideas, but don’t let her be a bull in a china closet.  We will go more into how deal with her in another post.

After the quick pep talk, let them know how much you love them and how excited you are to spend this special time with them.  You only want good vibes going around that day so you want to end on a positive note.

Here you are.  Your first shop.  You are prepared and you are ready.  Go, Fight, Win!  (Please don’t fight.  It’s always awkward when that happens).


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