Valentine’s Day: Time to Open the Floodgates

Oh Valentine’s Day. It’s a day of love, tenderness, flowers and Proposals.

Lots of Proposals.

So many Proposals that my palms are sweating and I have a tinge of anxiety as I drive to work the next day. You might ask why I feel this way and the answer is that busy season is officially upon me. This means that 30 minutes before the stores open there is a line outside the door of Brides, Mothers of the Bride’s (or MOBs as they will always be referred to) and Bridesmaids. We pretend not to see them until the clock hits 10:00. We then take a deep breath and let them in.

This is when my adrenaline hits and I’m ready to go.

There is no stopping until September when the slow season comes and I can finally relax a bit.

Now ladies, shopping for a wedding gown is a very different shopping experience. It isn’t like going Nordstrom and purchasing this springs new Joe’s High Rise Skinny Jeans in Baltic

I love these jeans.


Shopping for a wedding, particularly your wedding gown, takes preparation, study, time and attention. As Brides, we all go in thinking that this is going to be like the movies. We are going to LOVE every dress we try on. We will know the right dress when we see it. We will feel beautiful and love our bodies.

I’m sorry, but this isn’t how it goes down for most of us.

For the next few days I’m going to tell you how you can make this shopping experience wonderful and truly enjoy this once in a lifetime (hopefully) experience.

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